Hey Cupertino! The Morning (+)Addition

HTC Sucking Wind

Profit rises thanks to cost cutting, but mobile sales and revenues continue downward slide in third quarter.

Apple milks Hulu

Hulu will offer monthly subscription signups through their iOS app, conceding 30% of the fee to Apple. Interestingly, Hulu isn't increasing the subscription cost to make up the difference.

Hudl 2

Tesco's Budget tablet, the Hudl 2, is faster, bigger, and still cheap at £129 (approx $200 USD). Of note: the Hudl 2 is packing 2GB or RAM versus the iPad Air's 1GB, just sayin'.

I Don't Believe it

“iPhone 6 Plus to account for 60% of total iPhone 6 device shipments, say sources”

Bartender, I'll have whatever he's drinking

“Eric Schmidt says Google 'far more secure' than Apple, denies allegations of harvesting data”.