CurrentC: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Alternative to Apple Pay

It's clear that the retailers of MCX are digging their own graves. Two of them have eliminated a viable mobile payments system without providing an alternative. The rest have chosen to ignore Apple Pay altogether. And it's all resting on CurrentC, a payments app that's more difficult to use and potentially not as secure as Apple Pay.

The most likely scenario: MCX retailers will go ahead and launch CurrentC. It'll be a dud. And before long, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and similar mobile payment methods will become the new standard.

Apple Pay: Retailers like Walmart will lose using CurrentC will lose. | Slate

It blows my mind that, at least in the cases of CVS and Rite Aid, the equipment needed to implement Apple Pay (and Google Wallet, others) transactions is just sitting on the counter, turned off.