Hey Cupertino! The Morning (+)Addition


If you livestreamed the iPad keynote you undoubtedly noticed the painfully awkward auto-correct/nerves gaffe in where we all had to pretend we weren't terribly distracted by the odd "It's Road Trip" title page during the Replay app presentation. Well, it looks like Apple just couldn't bear to let it go, and has edited out the mistake for posterity's sake.

Home Turf

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus preorders trouncing the Samsung Note 4 in South Korea.

A phone for your, err... phone?

This totally makes no sense, or does it?


Rite Aid and CVS gave Apple Pay the middle finger this week as they look to implement CurrentC, a consumer-not-friendly system whose sole purpose appears to be skirting making payments to credit card companies. Likelihood of success? Slim to none.

Your iPhone is making this country great again.

Well, kind of.