Hey Cupertino! The Morning (+)Addition

Bubbles are beautiful...

But bubbles freezing in mid-air are just downright magical. Love this Sony ad spot for their new 4K TVs.

Not exactly Fort Knox

Samsung's Knox security software said to be "completely compromised":

However, Samsung Knox users log into the Knox app using a password and PIN, which is then written into a "pin.xml" file in cleartext, available to anyone looking at the file system. The user (or anyone else who reads the cleartext PIN) can enter the PIN to gain a "password forgotten?" hint.

As the research describes, upon entering the PIN, "the Knox app will show you a little password hint (the first and the last character of your password!! + the original length of your password!)" 

This "hangman game" style password security is not the extent of the problem. 

"It is pretty obvious that Samsung Knox is going to store your password somewhere on the device," the researcher noted, further detailing that "in the Folder /data/system/container there is a file called containerpassword_1.key," which stores the user's encryption key.

One of several issues apparently.

Not so hot (still)

"Amazon Takes $170 Million Writedown on Weak Fire Phone Sales". Ouch.


The difference in cost to manufacture the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Get a Room

Facebook introduces Rooms. Sort of exactly like 1 part Reddit and 1 Part Slack icon ripoff for your iPhone.