Glass vs. Apple Watch: One of Them Doesn't Make Me Hate You

Glass is technology, being forced towards people on the basis that, because it’s technology, they’ll want it. So far, the evidence is: no, they don’t. At which point we turn to the Apple Watch. Not, you’ll note, “smartwatch” or even “iWatch”; Apple isn’t classing it with the iPod, iPhone, iMac or iPad through its nomenclature. Instead, it’s using a familiar format to introduce something that might be remarkably different. Yet unlike Google’s initial marketing, Apple has pretty much said nothing about what its watch will do. Apart from run apps. Having briefly tried one on, I can say that it’s light, doesn’t look ugly, and that it offers subtle taps on your wrist for different sorts of notifications, as well as having a bright screen.

Google Glass v Apple Watch: in form against function, Apple edges it over Google | Technology | The Observer

Glass is technology people don't want, in a cringe inducing single form factor that appears to have been designed by a team that never seemed to make a correlation between glasses being both functional as glasses and as fashion accessories that occupy prime real estate on your face. While I still have no idea what the Apple Watch will do, nor do I have a handle on John Q. Public's need for whatever it may be able to do, at the very least Apple and its obsession with good taste gets (and maybe gets it too much) that a watch is a fashion accessory that has to fit into a myriad of unique users' sense of personal style.

(Though comparing Glass with Apple Watch isn't entirely fair, at least now when we have, or will have soon, more apt Moto 360 vs. Apple Watch comparisons to make.)