Watching out for Apple iWatch

Mark Gurman for 9to5Mac:

Apple has its sights set on another industry ripe for reinvention: the mobile healthcare and fitness world. Apple currently plans to release a new version of the iPhone operating system this year with health and fitness tracking integration as its headline feature, according to sources briefed on the plans. Apple’s work on such an operating system likely indicates that Apple is nearing the introduction of its long-awaited, sensor-laden “iWatch,” which sources say is well into development. link

The apparently well-sourced Gurman goes on to reveal details of an application that ties this all together, dubbed “Healthbook.” The application is said to take UI cues from Apple's Passbook app, and functions as both fitness and health tracker, monitoring everything from distance walked to blood pressure and glucose levels.

Whether half of “Healthbook's” features come to pass when the iWatch launches, I have no idea. But articles like this do reignite my confidence that the minute1 Apple does announce the iWatch, it will immediately make wearables like the Pebble, Samsung's Galaxy Gear, and even Google Glass look as silly and irrelevant as the Motorola Razr did when the first iPhone was announced. Simply making a clunky “smartwatch” isn't enough for a product to be something that large numbers of not so super-geek people feel like they have to have. Just like the iPhone wasn't just a phone, the iWatch too will have to go beyond being just a “smart” watch. To be disruptive it must do more, it will have to combine “gee whiz that's neat gimmickry” with “can't live without it” functionality, all wrapped in undeniably sexy form factor. Can anyone do that better than Apple? I don't think so.

  1. No pun intended.