Inaugural Post

Hello, and welcome to Heycupertino!, which, as the name hopefully implies in a sort of subtle, but still super-obvious kind of way, is and will be a heavily Apple-centric website, covering hardware and software, Mac and iOS platforms, and both local and (more likely) third party applications. We'll be reviewing apps and hardware, thinking out loud, and of course like any good Apple blog, frequently pointing you to the wisdom of other bloggers who are likely a good deal smarter than us.

Heycupertino! is one of many little side projects being nurtured by one Patrick Dean, a photographer, art snob, new father, and Apple fan, who can still remember playing Castle Wolfenstein on his dad's Apple II. Today he plays games on Xbox One, but does both work and play on a 27" iMac, a spanking new Mac Mini, an iPhone 5s, and an iPad Mini with Retina Display.  

Heycupertino! is hosted/created on Squarespace.