Meanwhile, In The App Store

A curated look at the most interesting updates, price cuts, and new apps in the App Store—

Day One 2. The ubiquitous journaling app goes 2.0, adding multiple journals, multiple photos per entry, and questionably — a new and singular sync service from Bloom.

Remember The Milk. Back in the day we all used to walk uphill on both sides of the hill, eat Tang, and use Remember The Milk, and we liked it by God. Over time, as we all shifted to doing whatever the fuck Viticci is doing at the moment, Remember The Milk became a distant memory, much like Koi Pond. As it turns out Remember The Milk never went away, has always remained kind of great, and lo and behold — has just gotten a HUGE update (i.e. subtasks). RTM is free for iOS (Remember The Milk Pro is $39.99/year).

Google App. If you use Google, have Gmail, and use Google Calendar — Google's iOS app is well worth the download. A recent update adds 3D Quick Touch actions — now it just needs some Watch and Today widget love (free).

Space Grunts. Pixelated turn-based action game was Thursday's game drop highlight (on sale through the weekend for $1.99).

LONEWOLF. I keep meaning to mention this one — LONEWOLF is a really fun, nicely done sniper game with an interesting story, lots of upgrades, and interesting visual style (free).