That Hump Though...

Mashable's Lance Ulanoff talks to Apple CEO Tim Cook about their newly introduced Smart Battery Case.

“You know, I probably wouldn’t call it ‘the hump,'” said Cook, who added he was aware of the comments surrounding the Smart Battery Case.

Ensuring for time eternal that it would in fact be called "the hump."

“If you make this solid all the way across,” said Cook, indicating the spots where the Apple case’s embedded battery stops and you just have the soft fluoroelastomer casing, “in order to get it on, you’d find it very difficult to get it on and off.”

“So the guys had this great insight to put the bend in along with making it a smart case,” Cook explained.

Cook, though, said that “if you’re charging your phone every day, you probably don’t need this at all. But if you’re out hiking and you go on overnight trips… it’s kind of nice to have.”

Tim Cook is over discussing the ‘hump’ on the new iPhone Smart Battery Case

That Jony Ivy is in fact locked in the Apple woodshop soley crafting tables destined for an Apple Store near you is surely evidenced by this dumb as hell looking battery case.