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From Matthew Panzarino's review of the iPhone 6s over at TechCrunch:

Live Photos are not really a new format. The images, which are accompanied by 3 seconds of video (split before and after your shot) are stored as a .jpg file on your iPhone. The video is a .mov file containing 45 frames that play back at around 15fps when you press and hold on an image. The whole package takes up roughly the space of two regular 12 megapixel images. The appearance to the user is seamless, as iOS sees that they are connected, and presents them as one ‘Live Photo.’

In my experience, Live Photos work best when capturing ambience, not action. Because the frame rate is relatively low, moving the camera a ton while you shoot them or having a subject move will display a bit of jitter. If, however, you’re shooting a still image with some moving elements, the effect is extraordinary.

Review: Apple’s iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Go ‘Tick’ | TechCrunch

I ran into this at MacRumors, where they point out that Live Photos imported into Photos on El Capitan work like you'd expect, a single JPEG in your library that plays as a movie when double clicked. Imported into Photos on Yosemite however splits the file into its two components, 1 JPEG, and 1 MOV file, which just seems weird (limited by OS instead of application), but also interesting (the gentle nudging into new hardware and new software).

Live Photo Details

I was wondering about this:

What Live Photos do is save enough of these before-and-after photos to create a 1.5-second animation. It’s not video, it’s just effectively an animated GIF in JPEG format – a similar approach to Motion JPEG. Audio is recorded separately and then attached to the animation. The animations can be set as your iPhone wallpaper. Details of the file format were tweeted by Daniel Matte after speaking with an iPhone product manager, and are consistent with a brief description in Apple’s iOS Developer Library.

More details emerge of the simple yet clever tech behind Live Photos | 9to5Mac

According to the link, Live Photos, though surprisingly compact, are still checking in at twice the size of a still photo, theoretically leaving you half as much room for Retina Flash-enhanced Live Selfies (yes, Live Photo works with the FaceTime camera) on your brand new 16GB Rose Gold iPhone 6s.

Gurman: "iPhone 6S Will Animate UI With Apple Watch-Like Motion Wallpapers"

Mark Gurman for 9to5Mac:

For the new iPhone, we are told the types of motion wallpapers range from sets of animated fish from a koi pond to colorful arrays of smoke. In recent iOS 9 betas, Apple added new colorful wallpapers including colored smoke against a solid black background, and the same effect is likely to be fully animated on the iPhone 6S.

iPhone 6S will animate UI with Apple Watch-like Motion wallpapers | 9to5Mac

(Oohs and ahhs…)